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Tag : 阅读

On Shelves Time : 2017-02-28

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Status Code Return Value Format : JSON


message:"API rate limit exceeded",



The API in our platform is only paid on number of calls. For the detail, please refer to the below table.

Status Code Code Meaning Detailed Description Need paid or not?
000000 invoke successfully(data is not null) 成功调用并返回数据
100002 Search no result 目标参数搜索没结果
100301 Account not found 用户帐号不存在
100303 Search no result 账号未收录
100000 Server internal error 服务器内部错误
100001 Network error 网络错误
100004 Target server error 目标服务器错误
100005 Param error 用户输入参数错误
100700 Invalid authentication credentials 授权失败
100701 API stopped 您的当前API已停用
100702 Account stopped 您的账户已停用
100703 API rate limit exceeded 并发已达上限
100704 API maintenance API维护中
100705 API not found with these values API不存在
100706 Please add api first 请先添加api
100707 Number of calls exceeded 调用次数超限
100802 Missing url param 'time' or uri path is not equal to 2 请求路径错误或者缺少"time"参数
100803 Wrong pageToken 参数pageToken有误

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